KIPP Tulsa University Prep Mission

Together with families and communities, KIPP Tulsa creates joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue the paths they choose —college, career, and beyond—so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world.

At KIPP Tulsa University Prep High School, we believe in choice-filled lives. We equip students with the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to access a competitive world. We are creative, curious, courageous and critical thinkers. We expose the immense potential lying within and beyond ourselves. We live happy, joyful, love-filled lives. We face adversity with resilience, realistic optimism, and a growth mindset. Our alums will strengthen our community and challenge inequity. They will be masters of their own fate and lead lives of choice.


1. High Expectations

We set high expectations and personalize learning based on a student’s needs, skills, and interests.

2. Positive Student Culture

Success in life depends on both academics and character, and we empower students to improve the world around them.

3. Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders

Great schools require great teachers. We empower our educators to lead, and we invest in training to help them grow.

4. Safe, Structured, and Nurturing Environments

Our schools provide physical and emotional security, so our students love school and maximize their learning.

5. KIPP Through College

Our college counselors support students and alumni as they navigate the social, academic, and financial challenges they might encounter in college and beyond.

KIPP Tulsa University Prep High School’s Educational Model

Evidence of the instructional vision are found in the way teachers prepare for instruction and execute rigorous lessons, the way students engage with content, and the way students are assessed and given feedback on their thinking. Key characteristics of this vision in action include:

  • KTUP is an AP for All high school in which all courses are aligned to AP and CCRS standards, while also ensuring required OAS standards are adequately met.
  • Students are engaged in inquiry- and discussion-based classrooms in a scaffolded manner that prepares the type of critical and conceptual thinking required to be successful on the ACT and in college courses.
  • KTUP uses curricular tools that have been proven to drive results with similar student populations, including interim assessments, unit plans, weekly maps, and daily lesson plans.
  • KTUP enacts a comprehensive data-driven instruction model using extensive data analytics tools, dedicated professional development days, and intentional intervention systems.

Spring 2021 Testing Information

All testing is mandatory and on campus this year. 

  • April 1 and April 2: 11th Grade CCRA Social Studies and Science
  • April 20: 11th Grade ACT
  • June 1: AP Computer Science A (online from home)
  • June 2: AP US History (online from home)
  • June 7: AP English Language Arts and Composition
  • June 7: AP Computer Science Principles
  • June 11: AP Environmental Science

What can you do to prepare?

CCRA Science and Social Studies

ACT Test

AP Exams

School Leadership

KIPP Tulsa University Prep’s school leader, Donterrio Marzett, is responsible for the implementation of all aspects of this charter and for the day-today operations and management of the school. The former KIPP Tulsa College Prep Middle School school leader, Mr. Marzett has served in many positions at KIPP including Assistant Principal and Band / Music Instructor. Mr. Marzett received his BA in Music Education from Langston University and M.Ed. in Education Administration from the University of Oklahoma.  Born and raised in north Tulsa, Mr. Marzett continues to reside in the community with his wife and son.

Ms. Jamia Newsome is KIPP Tulsa University Prep’s Founding Assistant Principal. With almost a decade of educational experience, Ms. Newsome serves at the high school with past experiences as an AP English teacher, writing teacher, Grade Level Chair, and Instructional Coach. A strong commitment to excellence and leadership underpins her values while she prioritizes coaching teachers to strengthen their practices and to prepare students academically for life after high school. By providing space for students to explore interests inside and outside the classroom, Ms. Newsome resolves to inspire her students to attain their purpose in life and realize their dreams. This undergirds her execution of KTUP’s mission while she challenges her students to aim high and achieve success in whatever post-high school academic experience or pathway they may decide in achieving a choice-filled life. Ms. Newsome received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Oral Roberts University in English Education and Spanish along with a Master’s in Education Administration & Curriculum Supervision from The University of Oklahoma (OU).

You can also find contact information for all KTUP staff here.