Support from KTC ensures KIPP Tulsa students stay on the journey to and through college and beyond.

KIPP students are on the path to college from day one.

KIPP Through College (KTC) is a part of the broader KIPP approach that helps to eliminate the opportunity gap between students from high- and low-income communities. Our KTC counselors do whatever it takes to support students as they navigate high school, prepare for college entry, and work hard on their journey through college. Our KTC program is augmented by national initiatives and services that help to provide access to high school, college, and career preparation resources across the KIPP network. Support from KTC ensures KIPP students stay on the journey through college graduation and beyond. 2015 Successes:

  • 73% of 8th graders earned acceptance to college prep high schools
  • The average high school graduation rate of KIPP Tulsa alumni is 93%
  • 88% of the class of 2015 earned acceptance and enrolled into college

Our Services

In addition to the rigorous academic prep that KIPP Tulsa offers, our KIPP Through College program offers a range of services and implement them in unique ways based on student needs.


HIGH SCHOOL PLACEMENT & TRANSITION, FINANCIAL LITERACY, COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE, CAREER AWARENESS, SOCIAL SUPPORT & MENTORING  From day one at KIPP Tulsa, college is the focus; college banners line the school hallways and classes are identified by the year those KIPP students are projected to go to college. KIPP Tulsa focuses on college and career awareness in part through field lessons and off-campus activities. As eighth grade approaches, the supports include applying to competitive high schools and for financial aid, and offering high school transition classes. Because we are committed to supporting them early on, KTC begins tracking students upon successful eighth grade completion to ensure our students have the necessary supports to persist.


  Attending Texas Southern University
  What is your major?  My major is Pre-Pharmacy.
  Why did you choose the college you attend? I chose TSU because they have an excellent pharmacy school that I desire to attend. 
  Why did you go to college? I went to college because I wanted to be successful and a part of being successful is having an education.​
  If you had not gone to college….is not a thought I have. I was always encouraged to be the best that I can be and I knew college would assist with that. ​
  What advice would you give to KIPP students about to enter college: The advice I would give to KIPP students about to enter college is to not procrastinate. Whenever you are assigned something or have a test, prepare days before and not the night before. ​
  Share a lesson learned: I have learned to become more responsible and self-dependent. I used to be somebody who would have other people ask or do things for me because I was too timid, but now I am more comfortable with speaking and doing for myself. In other words, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed!” ​

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