The Time is Now

KIPP teachers always feel a sense of urgency. Our middle school students arrive significantly behind academically, but by the time they graduate from the eighth grade their gap to be on grade level is fully closed in reading and nearly closed in math. In addition, last year’s ninth-grade class (our first) achieved one of the highest ACT score growth rates of all KIPP high schools across the country.

Now our students and staff must rise to a new challenge and maintain learning despite unprecedented disruption.

Our Pledge

To our students, we pledge the following:

  • To make sure learning doesn’t stop for any child and family who wants to keep learning because Knowledge Is Power;
  • To ensure Equity of Resources and that access to technology and tools are in the hands of every KIPPster; and
  • To have a plan for continuous learning for ALL students, including those with special learning needs because we Never Give Up.

15 Years of Focus on College and Career

In the last 15 years of educating students in north Tulsa, the KIPP team and family has helped more than 1,200 students prove the possible. During that time, friends like you have walked beside our students on their journey to and through college, with your generous support extending a bridge across the educational opportunity gap.

This Year is Different

Yet this year is unlike any other, putting a strain on our budget. We expect a fundraising shortfall from canceled and rescheduled events and additional expenses caused by the virus’ impact on our operations. 

Consider Helping

Please consider making a donation to assist KIPP in managing through these uncharted financial times. 

Thank You!

Now more than ever, your donation will change lives and the future of Tulsa.

Stay Updated on our Actions Related to COVID-19

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Watch this video about Meal Balances:


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