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    • Madonna Arnold

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      Madonna Arnold

      8th-Grade Science

    • Mayra Burke

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      Mayra Burke

      Office Manager
      918-794-8652 ext. 100

    • William Coleman

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      William Coleman

      Athletic Director

    • Yolantrice Collins

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      Yolantrice Collins

      Development Director
      918-794-8652 ext. 114

    • DeAnn Cooks

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      DeAnn Cooks

      KIPP Through College Coordinator
      918-794-8652, ext 133

    • Tiffany Corbbrey

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      Tiffany Corbbrey

      Assistant School Leader
    • Ketwainette Drew

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      Ketwainette Drew

      Student Services Coordinator
      918-794-8652, ext 102

    • Matt Fegan

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      Matt Fegan

      7th-Grade Pre-AP Pre-Algebra
    • Yvita Fox

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      Yvita Fox

      7th-Grade Pre-AP ELA
    • Stephanie Goff

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      Stephanie Goff

      Student Support Specialist

      Stephanie Goff is the Student Support associate teacher for grades 5 - 8 at KIPP- Tulsa.  She is currently attending the University of Phoenix where she will graduate with her BA in Psychology February 2013.  Stephanie has worked in the education field for over 10 years.  She began working for Tulsa Public Schools in August 2000 after graduating from Booker T. Washington High School.  Stephanie learned of KIPP- Tulsa and loved the mission of KIPP.  She then joined the KIPP- Tulsa Team and Family August 2011.  Stephanie has 2 wonderful boys who inspire and motivate her to help and meet the educational needs of every child.
    • Maudene Jackson

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      Maudene Jackson

      918-794-8652 ext. 106

    • Rebecca Lee

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      Rebecca Lee

      6th-Grade Writing
    • Katy Loganbill

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      Katy Loganbill

      Student Support Specialist
    • Chris Mahnken

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      Chris Mahnken

      Assistant School Leader
    • Camille Martin

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      Camille Martin

      Paraprofessional Teacher
    • Candace Marzett

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      Candace Marzett

      KIPP Through College Alumni Advisor

      Hello team and family my name is Candace Marzett. I am the new KIPP Through College Alumni Advisor at KIPP Tulsa. I am very excited to be working with and supporting our alumni as they pursue their goals of college matriculation. I grew up in north Tulsa and graduated from McLain High School in 2004. I received a B.A. in Child Development from Langston University in 2009 and I’m currently pursuing my M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling. Prior to joining the KIPP Tulsa team, I taught preschool for five years and I truly loved it. However, until a year ago, I began to feel a higher calling upon my life. It is so important for our kids to see people of their community, with similar circumstances, persevere to/through college; it is the domino effect, “if it happened for me, it could happen for you.” This gives students a sense of hope and that their dreams are obtainable, especially when one exhibits certain characteristics such as Grit, Zest, Self-Control, Optimism, Gratitude, Social Intelligence, and Curiosity. I am married to my childhood best friend. His name is Donterrio Marzett. Our parents are neighbors. When we first met we were friend-enemies and later became good friends in the third grade. We have been married for five years; however, it feels like a lifetime. We have one crazy son named DJ, who truly believes he is a KIPPster. Only one dilemma, he is three years old! In my personal time, my absolute favorite thing is spending time with my family doing nothing. My hobbies are reading self-help books, watching funny movies, and having family functions. Overall, I am honored and thrilled to be a part of your child’s amazing journey “To and Through College.” We are blessed to be a blessing.  
    • Donterrio Marzett

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      Donterrio Marzett

      Assistant School Leader / Band Director

      Donterrio Marzett is the Band Director for KIPP Tulsa. He received his BA in Music Education in 2009 from Langston University. While at Langston University he held many leadership roles in organizations like The Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Langston University Marching Pride Band, Student Government Association, NAACP, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Alpha Chi Honor Society. During his student teaching in Oklahoma City Public Schools he was recruited by former KIPP Tulsa Principal Darius Kirk. Following graduation, Donterrio accepted an offer to teach at KIPP Tulsa and relocated back to his home town of Tulsa, OK. Immediately after relocation he began preparations of the instrumental music program and created the awesome KIPP Tulsa “Showtime” Marching Band.

      Donterrio is passionate about religion, family, continuously improving the north Tulsa community through education, developing young musicians, and enjoying life. Donterrio married his wife, Candace, in February 2010, and they recently had their first child. Donterrio is appreciative to be a vital part of the KIPP movement, and he is inspired by great, committed teachers and students who have the desire to become better each and every day.

    • Makenzie McCullough

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      Makenzie McCullough

      8th-Grade Math
    • Caitlin McElroy

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      Caitlin McElroy

      5th-Grade Reading & Literacy Director

    • Nicole McMahan

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      Nicole McMahan

      Marketing and Communications Coordinator
      918-794-8652 ext. 115
    • Andrew McRae

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      Andrew McRae

      School Leader

      Andrew McRae is the School Leader (Principal) of KIPP Tulsa. Andrew received his BA in Political Science in 2007 and his MA in Education in 2009. Andrew is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston. Andrew was a 2007 Teach For America corps member in Houston, TX. Following his Teach For America commitment, Andrew continued his service at his placement school and served as Grade-level chair, Department chair, and Data Czar. In 2011, Andrew transitioned to YES Prep Public Schools as Dean of Instruction and joined the KIPP Tulsa family in 2012 as School Leader.

      Andrew is a passionate advocate for education reform, an accomplished orator, and an avid cyclist. Andrew believes in the unbound capabilities of kids and has a deep belief in the power of education to provide students with expanded opportunities in life.

    • Alissa Monroe

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      Alissa Monroe

      6th-Grade ELA, Grade Level Chair

      Alissa Monroe is the 5th grade English Language Arts teacher at KIPP Tulsa.  She received her BA in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University.  Before working at KIPP, she was a part of the 5th grade team in Stillwater at Will Roger’s Elementary.  Over the summer of 2012, she heard about KIPP and decided to see it for herself.  After walking in the doors, she couldn’t leave.  She was inspired by the passion of the teachers and staff for the students and knew this was where she belonged.   She is overjoyed that KIPP Tulsa chose her to be a part of their story and cannot wait to help write the next chapter.
    • Corinna Moreno

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      Corinna Moreno

      8th-Grade Pre-AP ELA, Grade Level Chair
    • Danielle Murphy

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      Danielle Murphy

      6th-Grade Science & Social Studies
    • Andréa Murrell

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      Andréa Murrell

      Director of School Operations
      918-794-8652 ext. 123

    • Jamia Newsome

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      Jamia Newsome

      5th-Grade Writing, Grade Level Chair

    • Stephen Paul

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      Stephen Paul

      Music & Assistant Band Director
    • Malisa Rushing

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      Malisa Rushing

      Student Support Specialist
    • Jimmy Seter

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      Jimmy Seter

      7th-Grade Geography, Grade Level Chair
    • Alec Sheaffer

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      Alec Sheaffer

      7th-Grade Science
    • Robin Siegel

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      Robin Siegel

      5th-Grade Math
    • Sona Stockham

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      Sona Stockham

      8th-Grade, U.S. History
    • Charlotte Uzzel

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      Charlotte Uzzel

      Director of Data & Curriculum
    • Andrea Walker

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      Andrea Walker

      Student Support Coordinator
      918-794-8652 ext. 105

    • Eddie Washington

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      Eddie Washington

      6th-Grade Math
    • Lakina Whitley

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      Lakina Whitley

      Student Support Specialist
    • John Wolfkill

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      John Wolfkill

      Executive Director

      After graduating with a BA in English and Secondary Education from the University of Tulsa, John married his college sweetheart, Julie, and together they moved to Los Angeles to complete graduate degrees. As he was completing his M.Sc. in International and Intercultural Education and Development at the University of Southern California, John became keenly interested in community development and began working as an urban planner for Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC). He then went on to become the Associate Director of the P.F. Bresee Foundation, a faith-based youth and family development center. Although they planned on moving to Indonesia, a turn of events brought John and Julie back to Tulsa in 2003. During his first year in Tulsa, John worked closely with Community Action Project to develop and implement a statewide public benefit eligibility and calculator program. He then spent 6.5 years serving as the Director of Administration and Donor Partnerships at Tulsa Community Foundation, America’s largest community foundation. After learning that only 1-2% of Tulsa’s African American and Hispanic youth were graduating high school prepared to start college without remediation, John left the foundation to become the executive director of KIPP Tulsa. In his spare time, John enjoys date nights with his wife and playing Star Wars or jumping on the trampoline with his two amazing boys, Jaiden and Jonas. John also competes in several sprint and 12-hour adventure races and other off-road and on-road races each year.
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