Getting Tech Tools in Learners’ Hands

Getting Ready to Learn

Making sure every KIPP student had the technology and internet access to learn was our first step. A few mask-wearing students volunteered to get the Chrombooks and hotspots organized.

Spreading technology pickup over a full week allowed us to physically distance everyone and take a few minutes to see if our families needed help with anything else. We distributed more than 500 Chromebooks and nearly 75 hotspots and will begin the year with enough hotspots on hand to ensure no scholar loses internet access. 

Best-in-Class  Learning Opportunities 

At KIPP, we are committed to teaching lessons that prepare our students for college and choice-filled lives. Doing this in an online environment has required months of planning and preparation. With great success, our teachers tested their Zoom and Google-Classroom skills during our first week of Enculturation and Orientation. This Monday full days of learning began for all 600+ students. With a balance of in-person Zoom instruction, individual learning time, small group work, and special accommodations for students with learning differences, our teachers are prepared to make this an amazing year. 

We knew how we began the year would strongly influence the overall success of the semester. And so far, it’s clear that it is going to be an incredible 2020-21 school year. 

We would be remiss if we did not also take this moment to thank our parents for their patience and willingness to make sure students were logged in and ready to learn every morning.  Parents, we are deeply grateful. 

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